Stage n. 83 – (ITA 35)

From Pozzuolo in the municipality of Castiglione del Lago to Paciano

Start point in Pozzuolo Umbro better known with the name of Pozzuolo – a fraction of the capital of Castiglione del Lago which owes its name to the Castle of the Lion connected to the Ducal Palace of Corgna.

The centuries-old olive trees of Villastrada are a must stop.

Your final destination is Paciano, one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy at 391 meters above sea level on Mount Petrarvella. Here the link between man and nature is still very strong and evident in the landscape.

PartenzaCastiglione del Lago-Pozzuolo
DislivelloASCENT 400 M
Lunghezza14,42 (16.15) MILES