Stage n. 84 – (ITA 36)

From Paciano to Città della Pieve

Start point the village of Paciano. Here, please visit Palazzo Baldeschi which houses the memory of the knowledge of craftsmanship with the constantly evolving museum TrasiMemo that celebrates the function of cohesion of local communities by staging stories and practices related to 4 craft areas: iron and metals, wood, terracotta and textiles.

Among woods and olive groves on Mount Petrarvella and small villages, you reach Città della Pieve home to another Palazzo of Duke Ascanio della Corgna and known for being the birthplace of the painter Pietro Vannucci called ‘Il Perugino’, master of Raphael.

Now it is also a land of gastronomic excellence so let’s discover saffron at the Saffron House and visit the Zafferaneto – saffron field – within the walls of the village, unique in its genre.



ArrivoCittà della Pieve
DislivelloASCENT 400 M
Lunghezza10.44 MILES