Trim Trail of Castiglione del Lago

Trim Trail of Castiglione del Lago

Nature Sport Trekking

The fitness trail is designed to adapt to any type of user at any time and season of the year:
– by the individual or group of walkers who just want to enjoy the pure air and the panoramic view, perhaps with the possibility of stopping and temporary rest;
– from the whole family (equipment graduated in height);
– by individuals or groups of elderly people who also find the opportunity to have human relationships using rest and rest areas set up along the route;
– by athletes in groups or individuals who find an exercise program adaptable to their needs in the 8 degrees of difficulty.

The start and finish of the trim trail are located near the municipal Swimming Pool in viale Trappes.

The first pitch is located near the entrance to the ‘Lido Arezzo’ from where you leave again heading towards the second pitch along the lakeside promenade.
To reach pitch n.3, leave the lakefront behind, climbing along a path towards the ancient Rocca del Leone; the other 4 pitches are located at high altitude on the terraces of the pine forest and olive grove that surround the walls of the castle in panoramic points overlooking the lake.
The route continues descending towards the lake on the southern side where it is possible to increase its length along the beach and the public green areas on the lakeside; after a long flight of steps immersed in the olive grove, go up again to walk along the tree-lined avenue that runs alongside the fortress reaching pitches n. 8 and 9.
After this last stop it is possible to return to the starting point by following the first stretch backwards or by lengthening the route as desired.

Viale Trappes
Castiglione del Lago