Antico Cotto Pievese Furnace

Antico Cotto Pievese Furnace

Craft workshop

The centuries-old tradition of the Città della Pieve’s brick.

Reproduction of ancient handmade terracotta floors. All products are handmade one by one like a thousand years ago, in the most varied forms to satisfy every need for architectural recovery. Experience and passion are the usual ingredients, to which earth, water, fire and air are added.

Thanks to this activity, an ancient tradition that dates back to the mists of time is still kept alive. In fact, the medieval village of Città della Pieve, built in brick, represents a magnificent exception among the cities of Umbria. Bricks made with local clay were so popular that even the powerful city of Perugia in the past used them for its needs.
In recent years, the creations of Antico Cotto Pievese have become part of many public and private places, even of great prestige, such as the Cathedral of Città della Pieve and the Piazza di Pienza.

Via della Fornace, 1
Loc. Ponticelli
Città della Pieve