Church/Museum of San Francesco

Church/Museum of San Francesco

Art show Church Museum / place of art

Tradition has it that the church was built as early as 1223, erected in honor of San Francesco who – it is said – stopped in Corciano on his return from Isola Maggiore where he had spent Lent in 1211.

The fa├žade was modified and mutilated in the upper part in 1839, but, with its white and pink stone from Subasio, it still shows all its charm together with the carved rose window and the gothic portal cusp.
The interior preserves important artistic testimonies, paintings, frescoes and wooden statues dating from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. The floor is inlaid with tombs, the oldest of which dates back to 1591, belonging to the most prominent families of the Corciano’s community, but also to poor and artisans.

The church is now an exhibition space, a venue for events and temporary exhibitions.

Via del Serraglio, 2B

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