Community oven of Montecolognola

Community oven of Montecolognola

Historical place

The scent of bread and cakes still creates a festive atmosphere around the Montecolognola oven, small but well kept, with a splendid and wide view of Lake Trasimeno. A small historical treasure chest that maintains close ties with tradition, cultural and material, especially cared for by a group of local women.

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The ancient community ovens, once present in all Umbrian villages, with different characteristics depending on the place, are the witnesses of a cooking technique but also of self-management of the local community. In the village oven, families took turns baking bread, sweets, roasts or other, depending on the occasion, involving different families who came together to bake together.

In Umbria, the tradition of the collective oven has survived for many years especially in the small villages. Almost completely disappeared, those who have remained today preserve stories of ancient but precious moments of sociality, of exchange between people, to share time, resources and tools, to be together and regain possession of ancient knowledge.

Loc. Montecolognola