Fuseum – Art Center and Museum Park of Brajo Fuso

Fuseum – Art Center and Museum Park of Brajo Fuso

Art show Museum / place of art

The Fuseum is a park-museum created by the Perugian artist Brajo Fuso (name obtained from the fusion between the surname and the noun museum) between 1960 and 1980, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 13,000 square meters on the hill of Monte Malbe, in which Fuso has played with nature according to an approach of recovering industrial materials.
A widespread and interactive art experience, full of narrative and allegorical images. The artistic-museum architectural complex includes about a hundred of Fuso’s major works and is immersed in a forest of holm oaks and strawberry trees populated by sculptures and works made with the most varied materials: sheet metal, iron, concrete, aluminum, glass, ceramic, plastic.


“I ardently desire that the Fuseum remains open to the public as an artistic and cultural center, as a meeting place, as a public facility at the service of all, where to organize conferences, debates, exhibitions of deserving young artists, shows, films…
This creature of mine, now that I have brought it into the world, must not die… “
[Brajo Fuso]

Strada Cappuccini, 1R
Monte Malbe