Melagrani Farm

Melagrani Farm

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Visits, tastings and educational farm.

The Educational Farm is the ideal place, both for children and adults, to discover the secrets of the countryside. Experiences full of emotions with a guided tour of the farm, contact with the animals, the presentation of one or more farm products, manual and educational workshops, lessons by real experts in the sector and many other proposals. You will take home many good memories!

The Melagrani Farm, 100% organic, is based on the production of high quality local products such as saffron, the Trasimeno bean, cicerchia, millet, other legumes and cereals and extra virgin olive oil, trying to communicate the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, which also takes into account the link with the historical and cultural traditions of the area.
In this Educational Farm, anyone who wants to have an educational experience related to these topics can acquire all the knowledge to orient themselves, in everyday life, to the choice of quality, healthy and genuine products that help at the same time the eco-sustainable development of the area.

  • Typical Umbrian cooking courses (Easter cakes, Torta al Testo, etc…), bakery and dry pastries.
  • Visit to an organic farm (understanding the dynamics in which an organic farmer operates, the methods of management to respect the environment and nature to produce genuine products)
  • Visit to the House of Seeds: Project for the protection of biodiversity and the conservation of ancient varieties of our territory with a visit to the experimental field.
  • From Bean to Bread Workshop: knowledge of milling techniques and differences between different flours and degree of refinement, yeasts, preparation with the dough up to the actual cooking of bread or biscuits-
  • Workshop “I cultivate my garden”: direct experience of the preparation of a seedbed, planting of seedlings, crop care, hoeing, watering and harvesting of products.

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