Monte Malbe Hill

Monte Malbe Hill

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Monte Malbe is a small hilly area that reaches 532 meters and covers many hamlets of the Municipalities of Corciano and Perugia, for the most part fortified villages, castles (Chiugiana, Migiana, Pieve del Vescovo, Canneto, Capocavallo), hermitages and convents (Santa Maria del Sasso, San Salvatore, Seradino, Palazzi).
Its environment is characterized by countryside and forests of oak, holm oak and chestnut, a system of Mediterranean scrub rarely found so close to the city, with many animal and plant species.

Various historiographical sources trace the origin of the name to the ancient Etruscan priest Malot Tages; shape
contracted by Malot, Malz, would later evolve into Malze-Malbe.

The trekking on Mount Malbe passes through unique landscapes. Alternating woodland paths and wide cart tracks, it continues along the numerous historic streets in the area. Extensive views over the surrounding gentle valleys.