Moretti Farm

Moretti Farm


About 400 hectares of woods, tree pastures, hilly arable land and irrigated plains for an extensive closed-cycle breeding of cattle and pigs. The construction of the slaughterhouse and the processing laboratory allows the company to follow all the stages, from breeding up to the product ready for consumption, ensuring quality, food safety and sustainability.

In the Passignano sul Trasimeno store, in via Perugina, you can buy both excellent fresh meats and sausages such as capocollo, guanciale, loin, dried sausages, salami, stretched pancetta, the ham, the saddle and the shoulder.

By appointment, it is possible to visit the farm in the countryside of Castel Rigone, with the stables, the farms and the slaughterhouse, where you can taste the various products.

Loc. Piandimarte, 17

Point of sale: Via Perugina, 16
Passignano sul Trasimeno

075 829135 339 8823340