Pump Track “Il Mulino” 3 paths

Pump Track “Il Mulino” 3 paths

Biking Sport

From July 2021 a new cycle path for Mountain Bike was opened in Moiano where you can spend days of pure fun among bumps, curves and jumps.
Unique of its kind, it consists of three paths inspired by pump track circuits, an activity that consists of walking through a ring built only of humps and parabolics without using the aid of pedaling.

The track is located behind the sports field, in an area surrounded by greenery and away from busy roads, and was built by recovering land that had been abandoned for years.

  • Public track open to all.
  • 3 paths.
  • The use of a helmet is mandatory, the use of elbow and knee pads is recommended.
  • It is forbidden to walk, stop in the middle, use motor vehicles or approach with free animals.

Via Lombroni / Via Molino
Loc. Moiano
Città della Pieve