School of Arts and Crafts of Solomeo

School of Arts and Crafts of Solomeo

Craft workshop

The School of Arts and Crafts was inaugurated in Solomeo in 2013 at the behest of Brunello Cucinelli, inspired by the ideas of John Ruskin and William Morris, artists and intellectuals who – in the nineteenth century – gave life to the Arts and Crafts, a movement that reformed the applied arts.

A classically shaped building was specially constructed for the School, and some of the rooms in the castle that until recently housed the company’s workshops were used as classrooms.
Here, for several years, craftsmen have been trained in those arts and crafts that have long been the glory of Italian creativity.
As in the old workshops, the teaching is practical and carried out under the supervision of an expert master in women’s modelling and tailoring, men’s cutting and tailoring, mending and linking, horticulture and gardening and the masonry arts.

The school aims to offer methods and tools to reconstruct the memory of ancient techniques, building bridges between past and present through which to outline the cultural identity on which the community, not only local, can base concrete projects for the future.

Piazza Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa - Solomeo

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