Trasimeno Reti – Fishing Nets Company

Trasimeno Reti – Fishing Nets Company

Craft workshop

Handicraft company that has been creating hand-made fishing nets for four generations. It all started immediately after the war, when great-grandmother Bettina and other fishermen’s wives from San Feliciano spent the day in a house sewing nets and pots for family members.

Renowned in Italy and abroad for the quality of its products, the company is now able to offer a wide range of nets and an accurate and personalized service. The production sector of the Mancinelli net factory includes all the processing cycles starting from the warping, passing through the weaving and ending with the manual packaging of the nets according to the customer’s needs.

  • Realization of:
    Fishing nets / Hunting nets / Sports nets / Fence nets / Ropes and braids / Tofo lamp / Articles for the fishing / Clothing

Via dei Canottieri, 9 - Loc. San Feliciano

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