Villa Polvese Olive Oil Farm

Villa Polvese Olive Oil Farm


A place where the oil is still produced by the historic millstones.

It was the Olivetan monks, present on the Polvese Island from 1482 to 1624, who were the first to dedicate themselves to planting olive trees and producing oil. Even today, 6,000 olive trees are chiseled as works of art in the Polvese landscape over an area of ​​75 hectares. A unique landscape, the legacy of those monks who wanted to leave us these signs of beauty, authentic taste and values. Legend has it that in the silence of November nights, for the olive harvest, you would hear the creaking of the millstone that turns with the monastery that comes back to life.
Following the ancient tradition of the Olivetan monks, the “Dolce Lago” olive oil is still produced today: enveloping and with a delicate taste, it marries without ever camouflaging the flavors of the lake’s tradition.

Modernity harmonizes with the hands that caress the plants and, using both the ancient millstones and the new equipment, give life to the colors of the oil.

Villa Polvese Olive Oil Farm
Isola Polvese
Castiglione del Lago

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