A trip to discover Natural Cosmetics 100% made in Umbria

A trip to discover Natural Cosmetics 100% made in Umbria

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On the Maggiore Island, the olive trees grow in a strip of uncontaminated land of just 28 hectares. Right here, from these secular olive trees planted first by the Franciscan friars and then by the Marquises Guglielmi, a pure oil is extracted, a green gold from which the “Isola Pura” brand products are born.

Extra virgin olive oil is synonymous with health and well-being all over the world. Its cosmetic properties are already well known by ancient peoples: the Egyptians used it to soften the skin and polish the hair, the Greeks for massages, frictions and warm up the muscles, the Etruscans used it above all as a medicine. Since ancient times, therefore, extra virgin olive oil not only makes us feel good, but also makes us more beautiful.

The experience includes:

  • Walk among the olive trees in Isola Maggiore, to discover natural cosmetics which have oil, olive leaves and some plants of this natural park as its main ingredients.
  • Visit to the “Isola Pura” store, where you can find products of the highest quality, such as essential oils, vegetable butters, vegetable oils, without the addition of silicones, silicones, parabens and petrolatum. All 100% made in Umbria!

Isola Pura – Natural cosmetics

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