Long trekking – At the source of the River Nestore

Long trekking – At the source of the River Nestore


We start from the Panelios Holiday House near which we can leave the cars We cross the Pievaiola state road and we take the private carriage road that starts from an open space in the shade of some centuries-old oaks. We then go down to the Nestorello River and follow the course of the stream, reaching the Nestore River sources. We arrive at the church of the Crucifix and from here to the historic center of Monteleone, where we will go to see – in the church of SS. Apostles Peter and Paul – the Altarpiece of the Perugino school.

Length: 9.7 km.

Duration: 5.30 hours including stops and visits

Absolute height difference: 206 m ascent, 207 descent

Difficulty: EE = expert hikers

Standard equipment clothing

Gea Energy Trekking

Via Fior d'Alisi, 36
Città della Pieve