Cini: a family wine

Cini: a family wine

Tasting of local food Wine tasting

From grandfather to grandchildren, love for the land.

It was grandfather Bonaventura, in the 1950s, who took his first steps into the world of wine. Thanks to the values inherited from him, Clelia and Riccardo now manage their business by skilfully mixing experience gained at home and knowledge acquired at the University, respectively in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and in Viticulture and Oenology.
Attentive to tradition, but ready to experiment with new ideas, in addition to wine they also produce oil, grape juice, jelly and other delicacies.

You can choose between:
1) Basic tasting: 4 wines paired with local cheese with grape jelly, salami, bread and oil.
2) Lunch-tasting: 4 wines paired with local products: cheese with grape jelly, cured meats, ancient grain pasta, legume bis (Trasimeno bean and chickpeas), bread and oil.

La Casa Dei Cini Wine Makers

Voc. Petroso, 68 - Loc. Pietrafitta