Morami Wine, passion since 1600

Morami Wine, passion since 1600

Tasting of local food Wine tasting

Stroll through the vineyards and 17th-century farmhouses while Sabrina tells you her story and guides you through the scents of her wines.

Precious wines that look to tradition and new trends, gifts of the land to which the Morami family is inextricably linked. Each bottle is the result of years of experience and love, to offer you the best tasting experience.

The experience includes:

  • tasting of 5 of the 9 wines produced, both white and red, in the tasting room of the old farmhouse
  • a pleasant conversation¬†with Sabrina on the history of the Morami family, on the birth of the wine project, on the production methods, but above all on the sensations and emotions that wine can give.

Morami Winery and Holiday Farm

Voc. Morami, Loc. Panicarola
Castiglione del Lago

+39 075 958 9107