The fossils, the mine and its treasures

The fossils, the mine and its treasures

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It all began…
with the discovery of some fossils by Luigi Boldrini, known as Gigino, a miner in the lignite quarry of Pietrafitta power plant.
We are in the mid-sixties. Since then, for over thirty years, there was not a day in Gigino’s life that was not dedicated to the search for new finds: small fragments and sensational discoveries, to give life to a powerful collection.

TheĀ Boldrini Paleontological Museum now houses one of the collections of fossil vertebrates, dating back to the Pleistocene, among the richest in Italy and Europe.
The spearheads of the collection are the 8 skeletons of Mammuthus Meridionalis, whose bones were left in the position they had at the time of the discovery.

Pietrafitta Lake

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Paleontological Museum Luigi Boldrini

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