Visit to the farm Terre di Corciano

Visit to the farm Terre di Corciano

Craft workshop Naturalistic visit Saffron tasting Tasting of local food

Guided tour to discover edible wild herbs, ancient grains and saffron

Walk in the edible lawn that surrounds the Ancient Grains field, the Zafferaneto (saffron field) and the Oliveto (olive orchard) discovering names, aromas, flavors, beneficial properties of wild herbs and their use in the kitchen.

You will also collect your own herbarium for you to bring back home. Also getting to know Saffron and its magical world.

You may choose how long the activity shall last: 2 hours, a half-day, halfday with lunch.

It is possible to reserve your own lunch-box containing produces of the farm products and of other local farms for a picnic alongside the Zafferaneto
or the ancient grains field.

Farm activities at Terre di Corciano

Via Valpinza, 48