Watercolor course in the garden of an Abbey

Watercolor course in the garden of an Abbey

Craft workshop

With the guidance of an expert painter, learn watercolor techniques in the scenery of the Abbey and its garden.

Watercolor is a popular art with an ancient pictorial tradition, of extreme expressive immediacy and which allows to obtain very scenographic and suggestive results, making it the technique par excellence for those who paint while traveling and in the open air.

The Abbey of the Settefrati is a mystical, enchanting place, the perfect setting for drawing inspiration for your watercolor masterpiece. In this elegant former Benedictine abbey, the ancient residence of Cardinal Della Corgna, among the aromas and medicinal herbs of the Garden so loved by the Benedictine monks, you will find the ideal quiet and concentration to give space to your imagination.
A place that recalls the medieval botanical gardens of medicinal plants, a green and fragrant corner ready to give moments of satisfaction of the senses.

Experience organized by Agriturismo Fratres

Abbey of Settefrati

Vocabolo Abbadia Settefrati, 49/a

Farmhouse Fratres of Annalisa Sposini – Abbey of Sette Frati

Voc. Settefrati 49 Pietrafitta