Connection between the Trasimeno Cycling Routes and the Sun Route EV7

Connection between the Trasimeno Cycling Routes and the Sun Route EV7

Choose the route you prefer to reach the Trasimeno Cycling Route from the Sun Route - and viceversa - and stop along the way to get to know places and people!

This stretch of route that connects the Sun Route from Chiusi Scalo to the Trasimeno Cycling Route winds along ordinary roads with low and medium traffic intensity.

Starting from Chiusi Scalo you arrive at the junction in Muffa from which to choose whether to reach the Trasimeno Cycle Route pedaling on the Umbrian hills on the border with Tuscany to reach Borghetto – and maybe continue to Tuoro and Passignano – or along the hills surrounding Lake Trasimeno and get to Sant’Arcangelo known as the “country of sunsets” and possibly continue.
We recommend hybrid bike or mountain bike.

The first section is common to both routes and winds along 16.9 km (10.5 miles approx) of undemanding road surface divided between asphalt 10.4 km (61.9%) and dirt road 6.4 km (38.1%).

Once at the junction in the locality “Muffa” you can choose between 2 itineraries both with wonderful panoramas to admire – more information in the section of the stages:

  1. the stretch that reaches the Trasimeno Cycle Route in Sant’Arcangelo;
  2. the stretch that arrives in Tuscany at the Terontola railway station, from which you can easily reach the Trasimeno Cycle Route in Borghetto.

In the gpx file, please find the route that starts from Chiusi and the junction with the indications of both routes and the return from Sant’Arcangelo to the territory of Castiglione del Lago.

More info:

Positive difference in height200 M (656 FT) at the most
Length10.5 miles+7.5 miles to S. Arcangelo OR +21.25 miles to Borghetto
Approximate walking time