The Castles of the upper Nestòre valley

The Castles of the upper Nestòre valley

8 separate routes - out-and-back or circular walks - to discover the medieval fortified villages in the upper valley of the Nestòre river: Castiglion Fosco, Oro, Greppolischieto, Gaiche and Cibottola

The river Nestòre is a tributary of the Tiber whose course of approx. 26 miles is entirely in the Umbria Region. It bathes the municipalities of Città della Pieve, Panicale, Piegaro, Perugia and Marsciano. Nestòre has covered an important role in local history from the Neolithic to the 20th century. It is home to a rich fish fauna and is the habitat of numerous species of plant life and animals. In the upper valley of the Nestòre there are interesting fortified villages that date back to the Middle Ages. Enjoy the exploration by walking along the 8 easy trails, mostly out-and-back:

  1. Fontignano – Castiglion Fosco out-and-back trail
  2. Castiglion Fosco – Piegaro out-and-back trail
  3. Piegaro – Città della Pieve out-and-back trail
  4. Montarale Circular Walk
  5. Cibottola La Fontana circular walk
  6. Ierna circular walk
  7. Tavernelle Borga Sala out-and-back trail
  8. Montarale Greppolischieto out-and-back trail

In each stage, please find technical details and a brief description of the route and the gpx file of the track, if available, or download it from the website Piegaro Glass Museum

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Positive difference in height606 M ON AVERAGE
Approximate walking time5 HRS ON AVERAGE