Alessandro Mazzuoli organic farm

Alessandro Mazzuoli organic farm

Oil Saffron Wine

Organic farm.

In 2002, the owner introduced the cultivation of Saffron. He also promoted and managed the Consortium for the Protection and Promotion of “Il Croco di Pietro Perugino – Zafferano di Città della Pieve”, of which he is currently President.
Additionally, in 2012, he was co-founder of the Italian Saffron Producers Association operating throughout Italy.

The farm produces saffron, honey, wine, oil, lentils and since 2016 the Aglione della Val di Chiana – a sweeter plant and much less invasive than common garlic, almost endangered only a few years ago.

Vocabolo Cibottola, 13 - 06062 Città della Pieve (PG)
Città della Pieve