Isola Pura – Natural cosmetics

Isola Pura – Natural cosmetics

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Natural cosmetics based on oil, olive leaves and some plants of the natural park of Lake Trasimeno.

The products of the “Isola Pura” line are born above all from the love for this land, Isola Maggiore, of Iuri and Chiara who have been working on Lake Trasimeno for years. From the secular olive trees planted here by the Franciscan friars first and then by the Marquises Guglielmi, a pure oil is extracted, a true 100% organic natural cure.

The raw materials used in the products are very pure and of the highest quality, coming only from the plant world, without the addition of silicones, silicones, parabens and petrolatum. All 100% made in Umbria!

Via Guglielmi, 9
Isola Maggiore