Discover / cheese tasting

Tasting lunch/dinner at Parco Fiorito

The opportunity to taste fresh homemade bread made with the use of organic flours, vegetables from the garden, Cinta Senese cold cuts from our farm, cheeses, fresh handmade pasta, the meat from our Cinta Senese pig, lambs, ducks, geese, chickens, guinea fowl and the eggs of our laying hens.


  • Starter
  • First course
  • Second course
  • Dessert

Not included: drinks

From the milk to the table: discover how to make cheese in a cheese factory

Do you love cheese? Listen to the story on how cheese is made from the producer and at the end, you can have a taste of what you have heard!

The activity consist of:

  • Visit of the cheese factory
  • Explanation on the production of the cheese
  • Tasting in the workshop of:

– Crudolone: raw milk sheep cheese.
– Yobèè: A yogurt with an incredible taste to discover.
– Cremotta: A sheep milk ricotta cheese with the same texture of the old-time   ricotta.

Please note: our products are seasonal and perhaps, for example, ricotta is difficult to find in the month of August.