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La cerreta farm: food tasting, guided tour, art and more

The farm offers many activities to suit all guest – young and old.

The guided tour of the farm will let everyone discover the beauty of the countryside including the visit to the stable of over 340 cows, the explanation of how to tend the fields and the visit to the contemporary art park.

The ones interested in food and wine tourism will be offered a tasting of local produces including extra virgin olive oil produced in-house from over 4,000 plants.

As Educational farm, you will enjoy a unique experience unveiling farm secrets.

The fossils, the mine and its treasures

It all began…
with the discovery of some fossils by Luigi Boldrini, known as Gigino, a miner in the lignite quarry of Pietrafitta power plant.
We are in the mid-sixties. Since then, for over thirty years, there was not a day in Gigino’s life that was not dedicated to the search for new finds: small fragments and sensational discoveries, to give life to a powerful collection.

The Boldrini Paleontological Museum now houses one of the collections of fossil vertebrates, dating back to the Pleistocene, among the richest in Italy and Europe.
The spearheads of the collection are the 8 skeletons of Mammuthus Meridionalis, whose bones were left in the position they had at the time of the discovery.

Urban Trekking in Panicale

Defined as the most beautiful natural terrace on Lake Trasimeno, Panicale offers many naturalistic beauties and historical-monumental testimonies. It still preserves the typical structure of a medieval castle, with its three squares incorporated in a circle of concentric ellipses.

With the guided urban trekking, you can visit the main monuments of Panicale!

The visit includes:

  • the Oratory of San Sebastiano with the famous painting by Perugino ‘The martyrdom of San Sebastiano‘ and the fresco attributed to Raffaello ‘The Madonna with Musician Angels‘;
  • the Caporali Theatre, one of the smallest in Italy, with its 154 seats and intently made of wood decorated with gilded stucco and festoons;
  • the Museum of Embroidery on tulle, with many embroidered artifacts, typical examples of ‘Ars panicalensis‘;
  • the church and museum of the Madonna della Sbarra, located outside the castle walls in the place where the Toll Custom House once stood.

Urban trekking in Città della Pieve

Medieval town with an atmosphere of other times, full of charm and extraordinary beauty, Città della Pieve is a concentrate of historical, artistic and monumental heritages. It is also the homeland of Raffaello’s master, Pietro Vannucci known as “Il Perugino”, one of the most important painters of the Italian Renaissance.

With the guided urban trekking, you can visit the main monuments of Città della Pieve.

The visit includes:

  • the Oratory of Santa Maria dei Bianchi with the fresco depicting the Adoration of the Magi by Perugino;
  • the Diocesan Civic Museum of Santa Maria dei Servi with the fresco by Perugino depicting the Deposition of the cross;
  • the mannerist frescoes of Corgna Palace, the most important of the stately homes in Città della Pieve.

Trip to the ‘little Murano’ of Umbria

The Glass Museum is the most important testimony of an ancient tradition of glass processing, which has characterized Piegaro and its economy since the 13th century. The building that currently houses the exhibition is the last seat, inside the town walls, of the glass factory which was decommissioned in 1968, moving production to a new plant in the town valley, which still exists today.
The Museum preserves the ancient appearance of the glass factory and houses many types of artifacts that came out of the kilns of Piegaro area. The large flow of glass, with its intense emerald green, is undoubtedly the most evocative vision within the museum itinerary, an effective ‘monument’ to the centuries of productive history of the village of Piegaro.Through a guided tour, you can therefore admire the remains of the furnace used for melting, ancient tools for craftsmanship and the precious objects produced over the years by glass masters, skilled hands that have shaped this fascinating material for centuries.

From Benedictines to Della Corgna: Visit to the Abbey and tasting

The Abbey of Settefrati is a former Benedictine abbey of the twelfth century, transformed into a hunting lodge in the 16th century by one of the most prestigious noble families of the Lake Trasimeno area, the Della Corgna, in particular by Cardinal Fulvio Della Corgna who had it frescoed with grotesque motifs, with allegorical scenes, sacred images, animals, angels and fantastic figures who still have stories to tell.

Despite the traces left by time, the Abbey still preserves all the charm of its thousand years of history.

The experience includes:

  • Visit to the Abbey: church, cloister, frescoed rooms, officinal garden and olive oil mill.
  • Aperitif / final tasting with wine glass, bruschetta with olive oil, cheese with honey, crouton, bread and jam.

Experience organized by Agriturismo Fratres

Guided tours of the village of the Lake Trasimeno

Every day a different village, to get to know some of the most charming spots of the lake Trasimeno with a tour guide. Old villages, sheltered on the hills and guardians of a priceless past to discover.

Every Tuesday: CORCIANO

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