Horse riding tourism with gigs and carriages

Horse riding tourism with gigs and carriages

A slow and attentive tourism, interested in the territory, its peculiarities, nature and local food and wine. "Trasitrek, Traveling without haste".

These routes have been identified for equestrian tourism with buggies and carriages and are accessible in all seasons. Each route passes through at least one of the wineries that are part of the Colli del Trasimeno Wine Route.


The itineraries are:

  • Between Umbria and Tuscany by carriage: 23 km.
  • The scenic route by carriage: 23 km.
  • In the footsteps of the Etruscans by carriage: 18 km.
  • Streets, country roads and parish churches by carriage: 24 km.
  • Excursion to Macchie by carriage: 16 km.


The road surface is often asphalted, but these are low-traffic roads, numerous white cobbled streets and a few country roads. There are some passages on fairly busy roads, but only for crossings. The ‘drivers’ are always accompanied by a ‘groom’, a person who travels in order to help make the journey safely, ready to get off, to keep the horses still during breaks, to facilitate complex crossings.


Equestrian tourism enthusiasts who want to do the indicated routes independently are invited to evaluate the training of their horses as they are mixed routes, with fords, differences in height and long stretches.
It is advisable to use country sports carriages, light and comfortable and to consider the possibility of being accompanied by people who know the area well.
Some itineraries are ring-shaped, others are in line and start and end in a place where the horses are parked..

The approach and attention to excellent products is in tune with the rhythm of the journey.