Lake Pietrafitta – short hiking

Lake Pietrafitta – short hiking

Along the 6 km (approx. 3,8 miles) perimeter of Lake Pietrafitta you can walk, ride a bike, picnic, play with your children, do gymnastics and even stop to fish in this lake that hosts the Carp-fishing World Championships ... and discover the many other activities nearby

The artificial lake of Pietrafitta was dug up around the year 2000 thanks to the works carried out by ENEL to build an important thermoelectric power plant.

The dimensions of this lake are considerable: it extends for a length of just over two km and a poor width, for a total perimeter of about five kilometers of shore.
Except in rare exceptions, it was not opened to sport fishing until 2009, when FIPSAS (Italian Sport Fishing Federation) in agreement with ENEL, managed to take over this beautiful lake and make it accessible to sport fishing that in fact for some years has hosted the Carp-fishing world championships.

Starting point is the parking lot of the Enel “F. Rasetti Thermoelectric Power Plant”.

Other information and hiking maps at the Glass Museum. Nearby, please visit the Paleontological Museum which houses the fossil remains unearthed right in the lignite quarry of the Enel plant and the Abbey of Settefrati. Discover in the map all the activities you may be entertained by!

Positive difference in height250 M UPWARD
Approximate walking time1, 5 HRS