Hannibal Trekking Route

Hannibal Trekking Route

Among panoramas and plowed bones. Places and remains of Hannibal's ambush. Follow on the trail of the famous Carthaginian leader Hannibal in the Battle of Trasimeno in which he defeated the Roman army

In 217 BC Hannibal’s army defeated the Roman legions led by the consul Caius Flaminius at the Battle of Trasimeno during the Second Punic War.

For further info, a path called “Percorso Annibalico” – Hannibal Route – has been designed that can be traveled on foot or by bike and winds completely within the northwestern valley of the lake, between the hills and banks of the Trasimeno, touching the most significant places of the battle, where stops have been built with information panels that explain the various moments of the clash.

The Valley of Sanguineto, sung by poets of all ages, and the surrounding hills were the site of the famous ambush orchestrated by the Carthaginian commander Hannibal against the Roman army in the late spring of 217 BC, which caused the complete massacre of the soldiers of Rome.

The 7.2 km (4.47 miles approx) trail is of low difficulty and crosses the most remarkable places on the battlefield.

Positive difference in height
Length4.47 MILES
Approximate walking time